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Terms and Conditions Apply. 


(7-12 Years Old) 

Are you concerned that:

  1. Your child can’t cope on his/her own when doing their homework.
  2. That your child has to focus on his/her academic studies that he/she doesn’t have any time for any other personal development.
  3. That he/she might be in a centre that gives them too much television time.
  4. That your child’s proficiency in Bahasa Melayu and English may not be up to required standards. 
  5. That your child’s Mandarin proficiency may not be up to par. 

Well look no further. Our tuition centres are equipped to handle your concerns, together with our reputable and qualified academic facilitators who are trained to guide and tutor your child. We are keen to meet you and share more.

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  • 我们的资深老师将督促及监督学生们的家课作业。 
  • 我们拥有完善的课业辅导以确保孩子们快乐地学习并有信心的对应学校的功课。

Homework Guidance

  • Our team of experienced educators will oversee the completion of student’s homework.
  • We have a systematic homework guidance approach to ensure your child enjoys learning and will be prepared to confidently answer questions in school.

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Terms and Conditions Apply.

*Living Skills

Cubs Early Years Facilitators take an active interest in teaching children how to manage their day to day tasks, understand global needs under the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals as in;

Quality Education - Impact of post COVID-19 on education and how to manage it. 

Life On Land - Involving and appreciating the environment, working with the community. 

Partnership For The Goals - In which our children will have the opportunity to partner with other children globally in implementing the goals. 

*Where applicable.


CUBS 导师注重孩子们对日常身活的自理,明白联合国可持续发展目标提出的全球需求。 如:

优质教育-应对冠状病毒病对后期教育带来的冲击及解决方案 。


促进目标实现的伙伴关系-孩子们通过全球性的交流和伙伴关系,来实施目标 。


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Subang Jaya (SS19, USJ20)

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Experienced and Reputable Teachers.


Effective Learning System with small group size. 

*Where applicable.



Conducive Learning Environment.


Wholesome development and activities.


Strengthen your child's language proficiency (Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu  and English).


我们的课程纲要是依据KSSR 国民型华小的标准。完善的教材和活动能让学生掌握主要科目(华语,英语,马来西亚语,数学和科学)。 我们也培养读、写、听、交流及逻辑思维的技能发展。

Primary Tuition Class

Our syllabus is aligned to KSSR for SJKC school to ensure students are given sufficient materials and activities for all core subjects (Mandarin, English, Bahasa Melayu, Mathematics and Science). All areas of skills development will be nurtured including reading, writing, listening, communication, critical thinking.



*After School Programme

We provide a variety of activities as an alternative to just watching TV with no additional cost which include fitness activities, music appreciation, love for the environment, life skills etc.

*Where applicable.



我们专为您的孩子量身策划独特的假日节目。 在他们学习启发性的技能和过个充实的假期之外,也让他们做好准备,开心的迎接新学年。 

Holiday Programme

Our unique school holiday programme is designed to ensure your child fills their holiday time fruitfully while learning the skills to thrive as they prepare for the new academic year. 

CUBS 补习中心

(7 至 12 岁)


  1. 您的孩子在做作业无法独自应付。
  2. 您的孩子必须专注于自己的课业学术,他/她没有任何时间进行其他个人发展。
  3. 其他的中心,可能会给他/她太多的电视时间。
  4. 您的孩子的国语和英语的熟练程度可能达不到要求的标准。
  5. 您的孩子华语水平可能达不标准。

好吧,不要在顾虑了,我们的补习中心配备了训练有素的指导和辅导您的孩子的专业知识,能够处理您的疑虑。 我们渴望与您见面并分享更多。